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Programs of Interest

 Bachelor of Business Administration
 Bachelor of Maritime Studies
 Bachelor of Technology
 Master of Education (IT)
 Master of Education (Post Secondary Studies)
 Master of Physical Education
 Master of Marine Studies (Fisheries Resource Management)
 Master of Maritime Management
 Master of Nursing
 Master of Technology Management (Engineering/Applied Science Technology)
 Master of Technology Management (Aquaculture Technology)
 Certificate in Business Administration
 Post Graduate Certificate in Food Safety
 Certificate in Criminology
 Post Graduate Certificate in Quality Management
 Diploma in Business Administration
 Bachelor of Arts (Law and Society major) [Mixed Mode]
 Bachelor of Arts (Police Studies major) [Mixed Mode]
 Bachelor of Arts (English major) [Mixed Mode]
 Master of Education (Counselling Psychology) [Mixed Mode]
 Master of Education (Educational Leadership Studies) [Mixed Mode]
 Master of Education (Curriculum Teaching and Learning Studies) [Mixed Mode]
 Master of Marine Studies (Marine Spatial Planning and Management) [Mixed Mode]
 Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner) [Mixed Mode]
 Certificate in Public Policy (Economic Policy) [Mixed Mode]
 Diploma in Humanities [Mixed Mode]
 Master of Social Work [Mixed Mode]

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